This blog is going to be under construction for the next several months. Simply, if you are looking here for an updated portfolio of any kind, it will be strongly preferable to message me an email. Through construction, I might delete most posts here and update it to the best work I have thus far instead. 

Man has it been a short summer so far. It’s already pretty close to August and quite frankly, I haven’t gotten much work done other than completing the work I perform at my part-timer. WIP is Mako Mori from Pacific Rim, which I highly encourage people to watch. The film is great and you have a great example of a woman of color who defies her stereotypes and tropes while also interacting with other great POC in the film. 
Not sure when I’ll have time to complete this any further, but for now, here it is.
I also may be changing the site again, in terms of layout and so on, but only time will tell.
Anatomy of Halo-Halo (Dec. 2012)
A recipe assignment that displays how to make your own halo-halo, a popular Pilipino dessert that can either be store bought or made from your own creativity. It’s delicious and you should try it one day, so long as you aren’t allergic to anything…

Now a new theme and new work!

First Generation - Kanto(Jan. 2013) 
As a tribute for the announcement of Pokemon XY, I’m making fanart of each generation’s starter Pokemon, as well as favorites from every game I played. Since it’s just the start, and school for me is coming up, these will be pumping out gradually. Enjoy!
Emergency (Dec. 2012)
Car lights + camera exposure (during an 8-hour trip to Las Vegas, NV) = typography in life.
Nine Eleven’s Aftermath (Oct. 2012)
A typographic poster project dedicated to the 9-11 catastrophe, specifically the aftermath. It’s obvious that several families have been tortured and destroyed completely by this event, but many people forget to focus on the families and people that were also consumed in this destruction because of who they were born as. And misinterpreted to be in relation to the terror from 9-11.
I didn’t let me class read the actual poem I wrote for this (because I’m embarrassed about my poetry writing and so showing it on the internet is sooo much better somehow) but for those who are curious, here it is:

The horror of a morning blue turned metallic;The smoke mixed with smogTo cloud skies and minds alikeAnd ruin a people who did nothing wrong 
Those who stood there in as much disbeliefAs the fellow American next to themDid not foresee a hatred renewedFrom a distorted history that would begin 
Many lost lives is a true signOf a tragedy unbenignRinging its permanence for this decade.Yet there’s fatality from racist minds,A hatred 1600% highCreating another terror crusade
 Since the towers fellMore people are accused of being those who hi-jackedSince the towers fellMore people are penalized under the Patriot ActSince the towers fellMore people are raped by TSA tactSince the towers fellMore people saw an Islamic community center to be a crime pactSince the towers fellMore people are prone to being harassed and attackedSince the towers fellMore people have been told to be silent or how to react 
An innocence claimed to be sin, Due to a color of one’s skin, Because of the name of a kin, Even if  they had been Hindus, Sikhs, or Christians, Was enough for someone to pinDown the label of TERRORISTOn a populous who wanted none of this 
Poet Suheir Hammad had once said, “One more person assumed that no Arabs or Muslims were killed,assumed they know me or that I represent a people,or that a people represent an evil,or that that evil is as simple as a flag and words on a page.” And she knew honestly how those words led to dismay.
I understand that there is nothing but pain that comes from this event.Families continue to weep for lost lovers,Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothersNot just from 11 years ago, but now hereAnd might just continue in the following years… 
Unless we listen and grant sightMaybe we mightChange. 
9/11 September 2001Never forget the Aftermath done.
Happy (Belated) Holidays Everyone!
Thank you for following me even though I take forever to upload anything. Since it is break for me, I’ll do my best to upload some of my works from the year here. Have a great time for the rest of the year!